Map Your City - Enterprise

The Power of Maps together with Location Services and the Value of Metrics Providing Key Insights. Built for medium to large Bia's, Destination Marketing Organizations, Tourism Associations and Event Organizations.

Our Enterprise Plan brings your branded location based experiences to the next level.

Create location experiences that stand out. Promote your stories at the places that count. Connect everyone everywhere. Optimize your marketing. Enterprise includes:

The Map Your City App

The Map Your City Branded Mobile App is forever free to download & use for everyone. Map Your City is available for your iOS & Android mobile devices. Your own app in the app stores? Ask us about our Whitelabel options.

Your Online Map

Your branded custom map on your website giving your visitors a seamless experience with a customized design of your online presence.

Map Your City Enterprise Dashboard

Your organization is able to easily manage your community & Map Your City’s Enterprise features through an intuitive online Dashboard, including access for multiple community members and role-based permissions.

Data Analytics

Track your metrics and generate reports to gain valuable insights and optimize marketing, sales and service experiences.

Location Services

Let your community’s followers opt in for valuable (location based) experiences, which can be personalized to their needs. And have them receive these experiences at a time that is convenient for them.

Social Media Integration

Share and embed your locations on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Create targeted social media and transactional email campaigns.

Build + Brand Your App and Map

Design, build and brand your mobile app and online web map. The form builder makes designing and branding both a breeze.

Intuitive Custom Design

Through an easy and intuitive online Dashboard your organization is able to fully design & brand to your wishes.

Grow Your Community into a Marketing Powerhouse

Work with your team, connected businesses, travel professionals or valued stakeholders to create location experiences together. Grow your community into a marketing powerhouse.

Key Insights for Management

Generate the metrics that give you key insights for management. With MYC’s Enterprise Plan you have a powerful engagement suite and at the same time can keep an eye on those metrics to justify your where you spend your buck.

Map Your City Dashboard

Imagine Localized & Customized Messaging to Your Community's Followers

Imagine your visitors and local heroes being updated on their mobile device on the latest events, right at the moment they pass by the event-location.

Imagine sending your community’s followers access codes, coupons, invites, travel tips or itineraries on their mobile device to check at a time that is convenient to them.

Create Experiences for Your Followers

Power up your marketing message with location based storytelling and give your community’s followers valuable new experiences.

Localize your Marketing Message

Target your messaging local and to your followers with GPS based messaging. Your message at the right time targeted at the right audience.

Customized Notification Messaging

Your messages sent at the time you choose, guiding your followers to your website, your stories, your product offering or deals. Anywhere – really.

Amplify Your Storytelling

Use the power of Map Your City to get your stories across everywhere. Share and embed your locations’ stories across all social & marketing platforms.

Map Your City Notifications

Your Stories Experienced and Tickets Booked

Imagine your community’s followers experiencing your stories on the spot:

  • Redeeming the vouchers to museum workshops,
  • Checking your video linked,
  • Listening to music added,
  • Connecting to (partner)websites,
  • Buying online tickets to your events
  • Booking your accommodation or adventure

It has never been so easy to have locals or visitors experience couleur locale when they are near, or keep your followers updated on what’s to come. There really are no limits to what you or your stakeholders and partners can create for your community’s followers on Map Your City.

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Turn Your Followers into Brand Ambassadors

Imagine your followers adding and sharing their experiences – enriching the content you shared. Branding your city has become a joint venture of locals, visitors and you.

All you have to do is invite them.

  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Built for travel professionals, creative industry as well as small to medium sized Bia's, Destination Marketing Organizations, Tourism Associations and Event Organizations
  • Quick Basic Setup

  • Invite 10 - 250 members

  • Map & Add your profile up to to 1,000 locations

  • Choose from a growing number of locations to copromote or map your own

  • Send notifications to your followers

  • Build your online custom map

  • Customize your app

Branded engagement
  • MYC onboard & setup program
  • Built for medium to large Bia's, Destination Marketing Organizations, Tourism Associations and Event Organizations that need powerful location marketing
  • We will help set you up if needed

  • Invite 250+ members

  • Map & Add your profile to more than 1,000 locations

  • Choose from a growing number of locations to copromote or map your own

  • Send tailored notifications to your followers & various ecosystems

  • Build & Brand your online custom map

  • Customize your app


And what about our customer support?

Enterprise comes with Phone support and Priority ticketing

Not only do your members have access the online knowledge base, packed with helpful info. You can also get personal phone support and access to priority ticketing. Need a little more? Let’s discuss your wishes.

Custom Requests? Your own label? Let's discuss our white label options.