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Destination marketing for smarter marketers. The most forward-thinking marketers localize & co-create their customers’ marketing experience. Map Your City is a new set of tools to co-promote, localize and scale your marketing.

Next frontier place marketing

Co-promoting is a well known marketing practice that combines companies’ sales force in order to promote a product or a place under the same brand name. Map Your City not only simplifies this time-consuming and costly process, but also sets you up with smart place marketing tools. This new set of tools helps you and your community to co-promote, cocreate foot traffic & increase sales at all your locations – that is doing smart business together!

Marketing your destinations is harder than ever – right? WRONG!

We’ve talked to hundreds of place marketers and they are all saying one thing:

“How can I deliver better value and make that value visible for my  stakeholders, especially in a time when appetite for ads is dwindling, privacy regulations affect audience targeting and media buys, and budgets keep getting cut.”

Destination branding has evolved far from the idea of destination image by merely creating a brand name, logo and showcasing what your destination has to offer.

Since destination branding has some unique traits that traditional product branding does not have, you cannot sell a city the same way we sell a product with marketing

This means you have less control over the brand experience. And it’s why smart marketers like you focus their differentiation in elements such as the natural environment, culture, art, friendliness of local people, inclusion, among other so-called ‘soft factors’.

Smart place marketers also know if they want to create a common identity from values that are not always tangible and that represent the interests of different social and economic groups, you need to involve those groups.

Discover how to better connect with your stakeholder community, engage with visitors and locals (never forget your audience includes the local community too), plus bring authenticity to your branding efforts.

All while keeping tabs on your marketing result. It will not only drastically cut your marketing costs, but also save you heaps of time.

Discover how to keep tabs on your marketing, cut your marketing spend and bring your destination marketing to the next level.

What you can do with Map Your City.

Create location experiences that stand out

Whatever your goals, we have ways to make it happen. With Map Your City you can create and customize amazing Mobile app experiences, build stunning web Maps and Landing pages, write killer Blogposts and Email campaigns, create Payment options, add Ticketing or Online Reservation Systems and Booking Platforms.

Promote your stories at the places that count

Map Your City makes it easy to create location experiences that connect with your audience at the right time and the right place. Increase your outreach even further and integrate your favorite social media, like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Match your brand

Offer your audience a seamless online experience with a customized design of your mobile app and web map, branded in accordance with your guidelines. Effortlessly integrate with your website, all your current social media and blogposts.


A clear priced monthly pay-as-you-go membership plan gives you the flexibility you need. Easily scale up and down features with plan add-ons. Or discover our enterprise plan when your community needs a more customized solution.

Connect everyone everywhere

Marketing world-class location experiences today has changed and we’ve designed our product to enable you to market those experiences for your customers at scale.

Connect your community

Work with your team, connected businesses, travel professionals or valued stakeholders to create location experiences together. Forget complicated agreements, time-consuming strategies, high upfront set up costs. Simply invite your stakeholders and Map Your City does the rest.

Create foot traffic

Build an engaged crowd following your brand’s locations. Let Map Your City help you be found, help you guide people to your locations with a ready made booking, reservation or a ticket sale.

Optimize your marketing

The more you know about your followers and locations, the smarter you can be with your marketing. Our built-in analytics tools help you break down the data so you can do more of what works.

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Create a Community

After you've gotten to know the mobile app a little better simply create an Organization in the app for your community. You'll receive an email to guide you through further set-up.

Acces your Dashboard

Great! You've now also got access to your community's Web Dashboard on your Desktop or Tablet. You can optimize, customize the mobile app, build your Website map and manage your community from here.

Love Your Life

Sit back, relax and get your events and adventures experienced, your art seen, make local wonders famous, and your destinations known anywhere.
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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

"Our vibrant music community plans a lot of concerts and event nights with bands and music lovers. Selling tickets, letting people know what's going on and where, is fast and extremely convenient."

Shannon DelgadoProgramming, MusicXL, Toronto, Canada

"Great platform! It allowes us to collectively build an amazing map, and gives us new ways to promote Durham Region as a great place to stay and play. Our tourism stakeholders love it"

Lori TallingDurham Tourism Sports Coordinator, Durham Region, Canada

"We created a complete art experience by mapping our art installations throughout the city, unlocked additional info through the app and integrated it with our online art shop - amazing."

Ron HuizingaCEO, MARK! Creatives, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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